How to get/install the Business Central Extension?

The Business Central Extension is part of the solution and therefore, you get it when you purchase the solution at https://www.swissbusinessanalytics.com/store. You need the Extension only if you want to connect to your data from Business Central. Installation: 1. Search for Extension Management 2. Upload Extension 3. Extension upload in progress 4. Check progress 5. Progress completed 6. Extension installed successfully 7. See Web Services in Business Central ​​​​​​​ 8. Please be aware -
if you connect to your Sandbox environment, the web services will disappear every time Business Central gets updated. You have to reinstall the Business Central Extension.

How do I get the license key for the Power BI App?

If you want to connect to Solution with your own data you need a license key. You get the license key when you purchase the solution at https://www.swissbusinessanalytics.com/store.

How do I find the name of my Business Central environment

You find the name of your environment either in Business Central in the headline or in the Business Central Administration. Your administrator will help you.

What privacy level do I have to choose?

How to get the Power BI App?

The Power BI App is available on the Microsoft App Source. Hier noch den Link einfügen
After you have installed the App, you will be able to test the solution with test data provided by Swiss Business Analytics.

How long does it take to refresh my data?

This depends on the system configuration of your environment and on the amount of data you have. The frequency of your refresh can be managed in the dataset in the Power BI Service. We recommend refreshing your data during non-business hours.

How to cancel the subscription

Please contact us under support@swissbusinessanalytics.com

Do I have to install a Data Gateway?

No, you don't have to install a gateway.

Is my data secure?

The data is stored in your Power BI tenant. We do not have any access to your data.

What is the purpose of the URL link in the data sources?

With this link we record the usage of the reports to make further improvements.

How to install/connect the Power BI App?

How to install the Power BI App with demo data?

Working with Power BI

How can I create a new report, dashboard, mobile view?

You can either use Power BI Desktop and connect to the dataset or use Power BI Service. For further instructions, please refer to the Microsoft documentation

How does cross-filter work?

By default, selecting a data point in one visual on a report page will cross-filter or cross-highlight the other visuals.
How the visuals on a page interact with each other is set by the report designer. Designers can turn visual interactions on and off and change the default cross-filtering, cross-highlighting, and drilling behavior.

How to work with the Zebra BI visuals?

There are plenty of possibilities to work with the Zebra BI visuals. To get a first idea of what you can do with the visuals, please watch this video.

How to connect Power BI Desktop to the app?

To connect to the dataset, open Power BI Desktop, choose "Get data", then select "Power Platform" and then "Power BI-Datasets". Connect to the dataset you want and then you are ready to build your report based on the predefined dataset

How to use other visualizations than Zebra BI?

When you are in the edit mode of a report, select the visual you want to change and then select the visual you prefer.


I can't connect to my data - what should I do?

Please check if the entered license key is valid and the user who tries to install the app has access to Business Central. We recommend using a Business Central admin user. If you have any problems, please contact us under support@swissbusinessanalytics.com

Zebra BI Visuals

Do I have to pay for Zebra BI visuals?

No, the Zebra BI Visuals embedded in our solutions are included in the price. But you can not use them outside our solution.

I already have a Zebra BI license - do I get money back?

The Zebra BI licenses embedded in our solutions are licensed for our solutions only. Other Zebra BI licenses you might have already bought cannot be refunded but used to build new reports.